Sat. Oct 24th, 2020


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Sangeetha Mobiles relies on Newspaper Advertising for “45th Anniversary Sale” promotion !!

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Sangeetha Mobiles going BIG with Newspaper Advertising for Anniversary Sale !!

Sangeetha mobiles, is one of largest multi-brand Mobile retail chain dealing in international and national mobiles phone and accessories. Sangeetha Mobiles is celebrating its 45th anniversary and in lieu of the same they have launched the anniversary sale. From over a decade Sangeetha has been launching the anniversary sale every year which has proven to be a big success in increasing the footfall. They have been spending big on marketing and advertisements to ensure that this annual occasion does not go unnoticed. They are offering big cash back rewards and greats deals on exchange offers.

They have utilized a big space in the daily newspaper of Bangalore and have launched many such ads in all leading newspapers were published in order to attract the consumer so they can take full advantage of this annual sale.

MyHoardings have expertise in Newspaper advertising and other print format advertising such as Magazine Advertising. Innovative strategy and advertising mechanism are at the core when is come to ensure immediate results can be achieved so the business and consumer both can reap the benefits of the annual sale.

MyHoardings has been skilled enough to understand the vision of the business and prepare a strategy to market the products in desired fashion.

Newspaper Advertising in Bangalore. Book Ad slots in English and Kanadda Newspapers.

Few things that has to be considered while planning the Newspaper marketing strategy –

  • Plan beforehand – Do not wait too long for creating and make it an effort to win consumer loyalty as that goes a long way. Preplan and have a solid inventory so you can make sure which product and deal you want to publicize the most.
  • Planning before and even when the sale is going is important, so do not stop there and continue to publicize the deals and use integrated marketing strategy like it was done in this case where full page ads with solid graphics and images were used in newspaper ads to put up a great show.

In order to do this successfully one needs to spreads the word as much as possible so a series of ads lined up daily is very crucial which was taken care of in case of Sangeetha Mobiles Annual sale.