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Want to target Upper Class: Tried Taxi Advertising ??

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Have you ever wondered, what’s the most effective way to advertise your product/services to the upper class/HNI’s ?

There are more than 400 Radio/City taxi companies operating in Indian cities having a combined fleet size of 10 Lakh. There are 3 type of advertisement options available with Taxi advertising in India– 

Taxi Exterior Advertising

In-Taxi Advertisement

Internet Hot-Spot service with Ads

TheMediaBazaar  Taxi advertising offers below advantages to advertisers:

TheMediaBazaar  tie-ups operates round the clock whole year 

We provide a great medium for new product  launches and brand building.

Innovative messages can be easily spread among consumers provide advertisers, the facility to promote their brand by  Digital OOH Advertising in City/Radio taxis-A direct way to pop-up your message to customers while they are travelling on roads in Indian cities.

Traffic condition in India is getting worse by every passing day and on an average, people need to spend 30-45 minutes in a City/Radio cabs and taxis every single day. Now that’s where advertisers can grab this long enough time to monetize a ‘potential’ audience (Mostly sleep off lacking better option).

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TheMediaBazaar provides  In-Taxi entertainment and advertisement network and in-taxi Digital OOH marketing and advertising medium that targets the radio cab/taxi advertising market. TheMediaBazaar manages, sound enabled, tablet-look like device fixed in radio cabs, strategically located behind the passenger seat for maximum coverage.Advertisers can also promote their business using Brouchures ,Marketing colletrals and samples.


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