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Why Brands Should Opt For OTT Advertising?

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Why Brands Should Opt For OTT Advertising? How to advertise on OTT platforms? What is OTT advertising and how can brands utilize it for brand promotion?

Since the last decade, the way people consume entertainment has gradually changed. Courtesy the liberalization of the availability of internet in the country and the OTT (Over The Top) platforms, the way the people consume content has never been the same as before. In fact, in a study conducted, it was observed that most respondents said that their entertainment needs were fully met by the OTT platforms.

Besides this, the OTT platforms promise premium content to the viewers. This is a welcome change in comparison to the content found in the various TV channels. The traditional and age-old plots of the Indian TV soaps have been done to death. This is why there has been a sizeable shift towards viewing towards the OTT platforms.

As the OTT platforms gain more viewership and popularity, the marketers and advertisers have started to take notice. Hence, these platforms have now become a potent means to reach out to consumers. The viewership base has further increased due to the national lockdown to combat the spread of Covid-19. As movie theaters and plexes are shut indefinitely, the producers have taken to release movies on these platforms.

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Top 5 TV Channels to advertise your brand in India

TV Channel Name Genre
Star SportsSports
Aaj TakNews

What triggered usage of OTT advertising in 2020 ?

Furthermore, most of the major and big-budget movies of this year too are getting released on the OTT platforms. Therefore, it is a no-brainer that OTT advertising is the new gamechanger now. Big companies and brands are including OTT advertising in their brand campaign to reach out to the niche urban audience. Furthermore, courtesy of these OTT platforms, binge-watching is a trend. In fact, a study has found that viewers almost watch shows for a half an hour to an hour extra on these OTT platforms. Therefore, this provides the marketers and advertisers more scope to send their brand message across.

With India being the second most consumer of mobile data, these OTT viewing platforms have now become a weighty part of pop culture. So, be a part of the change by investing in OTT Advertising, thereby, ensuring greater outreach and ROI for your brand.

Leading sports TV channels in India

Channel NameWeekly Viewership (In Millions)SD/HD Availability
Sony Ten 364Yes
Sony Ten 145Yes
Star Sports Hindi37Yes
Sony Six29Yes
Star Sports First17Yes