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Bus Shelter Ads And Its Benefits In Hyderabad

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No amount of transport facilities are enough to cater to the teeming millions in India that travel for various purposes. Buses have been and still are the most affordable and preferred mode of transport in Indian cities. This is true with Hyderabad too. The city’s workforce use buses a lot. This makes Bus Stop branding excellent spots for advertising your brand. 

What Is Bus Stop Branding?

Bus shelters have transformed from those dreary-looking metal contraptions to beautifully made and more convenient forms in recent years. One of the major sources of income for this transformation comes from advertisements. People gather at bus shelters to catch their daily commute to the office. Placing advertisement signs and boards in these shelters offer excellent visibility. 

Bus shelter branding can come in various forms. Companies can prefer to brand a complete shelter and even decide its model according to their requirements. Others can rent space in the bus shelters for their advertisements. The side panels, insides, and the top are used for advertisement purposes. Depending on your budget you can choose any form of advertising in a bus shelter. 

The Benefits Of Bus Stop Publicity

A Wide Reach

No advertisement probably offers such a wide reach as bus shelter ads do. They are not just seen by those using buses in Hyderabad. Anyone passing in front of the shelter will notice the advertisements placed inside and on the shelters. This helps brands get a wide coverage spanning people of different social and economical statuses. This means that you can practically advertise any product in a bus shelter. 

Best For Local Businesses

Bus stop ads are best for local businesses. It is mostly people in that particular locality that use these bus shelters. They board and alight from buses at the same stop every day. Advertising a local business in these bus stops will create excellent brand recall in the minds of these commuters. For local businesses, this can prove an excellent way to strengthen their brand image and bring more customers. 

Repeated Exposure 

Bus stop advertising offers repeated exposure to a brand. When people use the same shelters on a daily basis, the brand name will be permanently imprinted in their minds. Most people have shopping on their minds when they go to their offices or come back home. Seeing the ads repeatedly can bring the name to their minds when they go shopping. The product name will stay on their minds. 

Persuasive Exposure

It is possible for people to block ads on the internet. They can switch channels on the TV when there are commercial breaks. They need not read the ads page in newspapers. But bus shelter ads cannot be avoided. It is a type of persuasive exposure for your brand that forcefully enters the minds of people seeing the ads. There is no way they can stop your content from being exhibited. 

Wrapping Up

What is most important when planning your advertising campaign is to ensure that you focus on your target audience and bus shelter sign boards are ideal for this purpose.