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Gurgaon Metro Pillar Branding

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Metro Pillar Branding

Gurgaon is probably the most affluent and modern commercial and residential center in India. Gurgaon can be called a self-sufficient area with its own shopping malls, residential flats, and all other amenities. Many well-to-do families that either does business or work in Delhi live here because of the conveniences. Brands will benefit greatly by advertising in this part of the National Capital Region. 

What Is Metro Pillar Branding?

The metro has emerged as the preferred transport of choice in most of the major cities in India where the project has been completed. The city transport system runs elevated from the road level at most places and below the ground in some parts. The elevated rails are placed on a network of concrete pillars erected in the middle of main roads in the city. The same is the case in Gurgaon too. 

These pillars sit in the middle of main roads and are visible to traffic that crawls through these roads. They are so plainly visible that many people use their numbers as landmarks to identity businesses on those roads. Advertisement boards placed on these pillars attract the attention of all road users and can be used by companies belonging to most industries. This type of advertising is known as the metro pillar branding. 

The Benefits Of Metro Pillar Advertising

The main advantage of advertising on metro pillars is its visibility. These boards sit high on the pillars and are visible from a long distance. Placing colorful digital boards on these pillars is sure to attract the attention of every road user. Even drivers will not miss these boards as the traffic mostly moves slowly on the main thoroughfares of Gurgaon. As they sit bored in the cars or buses people will read the content on these boards. 

Another big advantage is that these ads are seen by a wide variety of consumers belonging to different social and economic strata of the society. This makes it possible to use these pillars for marketing almost any product under the sun. People living in the posh apartments of Gurgaon as also those traveling from interior parts of the city can be targeted with these ads. As these are seen in the morning when people go to offices, the brand name will stay fresh in their minds. 

Local businesses will benefit greatly by advertising on these pillars. People traveling in the area will see the advertisements and immediately step into those shops. Those who are in the area searching for a particular product can be attracted by placing the ads on the metro pillars. This will result in immediate sales. Those going shopping will also see the ads and know that a particular item is available nearby. Advertising on metro pillars can get you an immediate return on your investment. 

Wrapping Up 

While there are many OOH options, the metro pillar boards offer the kind of flexibility that none others offer. You can opt for different sizes and types of boards depending on your advertising budget. You can also decide on the number of pillars you want to use for spreading your brand awareness.